“ PRATIGYA EDUCATIONAL INITIATIVE SOCIETY ” is a secular non–political, non-profitable & a non government organization registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 on 6th day of May 2005.

Our organization is a pan India social service organization working to promote basic human rights to education, better environment, improved health and hygiene, sports activities and to bring about social reforms through education, training & awareness campaigns.

The Pratigya Educational Initiative Society was established in the year 2005 by Mr. Ajay Saini. We believe in youth and its power. We also firmly believe that Education is the back bone for any developing country like India. Inclusive education and a healthy environment can empower these young bloods. Pratigya understands that education and learning are the most powerful tools to change a child’s destiny Pratigya Educational Initiative Society (PEIS) is a public charitable society functioning under the aegis of Mr. Ajay Saini.

The management committee oversees all the foundation’s efforts. The committee meets regularly to ensure that all our teams perform efficiently and to facilitate cross- functional connections.

Pratigya Educational Initiative Society (PEIS) is an NGO working with all age group in North- West Delhi. Since inception in 2005, Pratigya has been working with a belief in “All round and inclusive development of all age group” Pratigya is committed to holistic development the children, working especially in the domain of education and health to help in laying the foundation of a successful life.

While giving shape to its dream projects, we earnestly hope to establish network and bilateral co-operation with various states, national and inter-national agencies. Our major initiatives are “Furthering Social-Economic Development All Around” towards a clean and healthy living environment, to spread education to all the sections of the society and to ensure a productive community life in a new and discrimination-free social order with equity, around the world.