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Govt. Primary School, Banjbagar, Bangali, Ghat, Uttarakhand

Donate now and help children of remote villages step together with technology. The school is located in remote village Banjbagar, Bangali in Chamoli District.

Goal ₹ 1,77,100
Raised 100%


Govt. Primary School, Palakh, Ghat, Uttarakhand

Donate now and help children of remote villages step together with technology. The school is located in village Palakh in Chamoli District of Uttarakhand.

Goal ₹ 1,77,100
Raised 15%


UPS Syari Bhenti, Ghat, Uttarakhand

Donate now and help children of remote villages step together with technology. The school is located in remote village Syari-Bhenti in Chamoli District of Uttarakhand.
Goal ₹ 1,00,000
Raised 100%


In rural India, the condition of school education is not up to the mark. The poor socio-economic background makes this condition worse. There are few schools in these areas that are too far away from home. Moreover, the cost of living near these schools is very high and poor families cannot afford it. Due to their impoverished family backgrounds, they also can’t afford smart learning devices for self-learning.

Also, many posts for teachers are vacant, and the situation is even more terrible in remote areas.

The government has taken initiatives to improve the situation, but they have not yielded any results yet. And now there are new threats that are coming, like low literacy rates and still more people moving to urban areas for better economic opportunities and education for their children. This migration can be a big problem because the cities are already overcrowded.

There is an urgent need for educational reform to improve the quality of education that rural Indian children receive.

Educational reform is necessary for these children, who are often from impoverished families due to their lack of proper education and learning opportunities.


Providing digital learning equipment is one way of solving this problem. India has a lot of rural schools without access to digital learning equipment. Hence, there is a lack of quality education at these institutions compared to equipped schools. We are introducing digital classroom projects to the areas that need them the most.

These digital classrooms can help children learn through YouTube videos Khan Academy and online courses. The nationwide rollout of the high-speed 4G network made it possible to connect the classroom in any area to the internet.

In the past few years, the use of computer projectors and online learning has increased. This provides a more interactive and educational environment where students learn in a setting that resembles their future workplace. The use of YouTube can also provide exciting context to provide students with knowledge on how to solve problems and give them more options on how they want to learn.

To ensure that the education system does not become outdated and irrelevant, we must provide digital learning materials. We need to ensure that the future generation can navigate and learn in a digital environment.


With the help of digital learning, students in rural areas will learn with the latest learning techniques making the learning fun, interactive, engaging and more effective in developing their knowledge base. It will also help the teachers to enhance their teaching skills.

Online and digital learning tools will help students and teachers work together to determine what students need and how to learn it best.

Digital learning technology will provide access to education and knowledge.

One of the most significant advantages digital education offers students is extensive learning opportunities. Students will get to learn several new things through digital tools. In addition, digital learning will allow students to connect better with the learning material.

We aim to provide children with the atmosphere to get a quality education so that they can choose the best career option for them and pursue it.

The increasing migration due to lack of quality education will also mitigate.

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