According to the Ministry of Home and Family Welfare as on 7th May 2020 there are total of 52952 Covid-19 cases compromising 35902 active cases, 15266 cured, 1 migrated and 1783 death. Declared as global pandemic by WHO, Coronavirus (Covid-19) has brought our lives to a screeching halt and all people have been cooped up inside their homes. To contain the situation Govt. of India has imposed Lockdown 3.0 throughout pan-India till 17th May 2020.
For unorganized sector workers including migrant labour, persons with disability etc. who depend on daily-based work to meet their basic needs specially food. These people are facing survival issues with no food or limited resources left amidst the lockdown.


The essential goods and food crisis for these peoples seems to be continue during and even after lockdown. Because Covid-19 has also affected the economy very badly. To help the most vulnerable community during and after the lockdown and cover the marginalized sections of the society, where labourers, homeless, daily-wagers,construction workers, beggars, slum-dwellers, rickshaw puller, e-rickshaw drivers,persons with disability as well as the elderlies who live alone by providing food and daily essentialitems and extending it to financial support also.


To help these people our teams at different locations are making efforts to cope up with situation by following below mentioned steps.
1. Identification – Our volunteers are identifying needy persons through survey or call received through banners displayed at prospective location of needy persons.
2. Verification – Team reachs them out and verify their requirements. If they are eligible for getting support from Govt or their employers we extend out support with help of Police and local authorities.
3. Support – Verified families with cooking facilities are provided dry ration and who don’t have cooking facilities like pavement dwellers, our team is providing cooked meals to them with support of our tiffin services partner providing meals at low cost.


Our teams are reguarly identifing and helping needy families after verification in different locations of Delhi including Haiderpur, Shahbad Dairy, Burari, Nand Nagri, Jahangirpuri.Till 7th May 2020 our teams have reached and helped 350+ families and distributed 3800+ cooked meals.

1 dry ration kit includes:
  1. Rice : 10 kg
  2. Wheat flour : 10 kg
  3. Pulse : 1 kg
  4. Salt : 1 kg
  5. Oil : 1 litre
  6. Sugar : 1 kg
  7. Chili powder : 100 gm
  8. Turmeric powder : 100 gm
  9. Dalia : 1 kg
  10. Chick peas : 2 kg
  11. Onion : 3 kg
  12. Potato : 3 kg
  13. Face masks : 5 nos.

1 kit is sufficient for a family of 4-5 members for 25-30 days.

1 kit cost ₹1810

(including ₹100 for transportation and delivery)