The organization was founded in May 2005 by a group of eminent sports educationists in Delhi. The main founder of this organization, Mr. Ajay Saini an eminent sportsman and sports enthusiast faced a lot of hurdles initially due to his village background. But he was determined to overcome these hurdles and help the cause of the underprivileged in various capacities. Initially, he collaborated with an educationists group and did a few education-oriented development projects in Haiderpur and Rajeev Vihar areas of Delhi. This group faced some challenges to run these activities, in those particular areas. During that Mr. Saini to choose a suitable name and make this enthusiastic group, a registered society and then take up such initiatives with the name of “PRATIGYA”. 

Pratigya is a Hindi word (which means a vow). The group had its primary focus on developing the educational sector. The society initially started off with limited activities for ensuring community and public welfare through the promotion of various types of education, sports, and health & fitness awareness programs. 

After some time the organization expanded its work towards supporting the cause of community-level education.